Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patricks Day

Everyone knows leprechauns love their pot of gold! Leprechauns go to great lengths to hide their gold too! This St Patricks day I brought some leprechaun clothing and the kids took turns dressing up like a leprechaun and hiding the pot of gold around the room. Someone would stand out in the hall while the leprechaun hid the pot. Then the kids would sing to help the seeker find the golden treasure! If they sang softly then the seeker was far away from it... They sang louder and louder as the seeker got close to the treasure. Of course everyone got a piece of gold at the end! I used werther's candies in my witch's cauldron from Halloween.... Hey.... It worked!

Floor Mats

Nothing is more inviting than the nursery kids walking into the music room and having a place to sit down. It's great for establishing a routine as well. At the beginning of the year I put a musical instrument on each mat to further invite them to sit down. This helps get the routine in place! These colorful circles were placemats I found at the dollar store!

Rhythm Sticks

Found these wooden dowel sticks at the dollar store!
They make perfect rhythm sticks. Great for beating out new songs!

Jingle Bells

These bells are great at Christmas and all year round too! They are quick to hand out and collect, and durable too!

Slide Whistles

These are a big hit!! I don't usually bring them out till later in the year when the kids are a little older. And yes the teachers love them too! Can you sing with this? Nope! But the kids love them and so do I!
Don't forget to wash them after every use!!


Found these cute little xylophones at World market for a fraction of the cost of the bigger ones! I could resist and the kids love them!!


Triangles are a softer beautiful sound.