Thursday, September 6, 2012

Princess and Pirates Conducting!!

Everyone wants to be a princess or pirate...and everyone wants to conduct music RIGHT???? Now let the kids do both!! That's right.. Put your feet up for a few songs and let the pirates and princesses conduct!


Gauge just about anything with this thermometer!! Kids love watching it go up and down!

Five little Monkies Swinging in a Tree

The nursery kids just LOVE watching the crocodile "snap" those monkies right out of the tree!! I put a magnet behind the crocodiles mouth and paper clips on the back of the monkies!

Betty and Freddy Spaghetti

The kids love watching Betty and Freddy slurp up the spaghetti as they sing... Do girls only or boys or race one side against the other. Store yarn neatly on other side with hooks!

Friday, June 22, 2012

As a Child of God

The Articles of Faith

Singing Juice!

Sometimes when singing your best, your mouth can get dry! Squirt some singing juice into all the good singers mouths... Which will be everyone! Make sure to use non colored drinks, so you won't stain Sunday clothes if there is an accident!

Stand for the Right

More organization

I discovered these foam boards at the dollar store. They are a lot sturdier than those cardboard sheets I used to use! Plus I just bought the rest of the box so I asked if I could keep the box they came in. It's perfect for keeping them neat and tidy!


I keep a folder labeled for every song. I have them organized alphabetically. Not every song has a flip chart or visual in it ....Yet! I found this crate dusting away in my garage! It's perfect for storing all the songs neatly. It's great for keeping in the cupboard so if I have a sub... It's all there nice and easy to use!

I Pray in Faith

Jesus Once Was a Little Child

Keep the Commandments

Our Primary Colors

The World is so Big

When we're helping

We'll Bring the world his Truth

We Bow Our Heads


Spin the tab on the side to change from smile to frown

Singing is contagious!

That's right! Didn't you know it is uplifting and catchy? Give each teacher a sheet or 2 and as the children sing well they will get singing spots!!


Dice are always a great tool to use in singing time! Make each number represent a song, action, the skies the limit!!! Want to try something new? Use a dry erase dice.... Write whatever you want to go along with you lesson!

Choose the Right (Hymn)

When I am Baptized

Nephi's Courage

Rain is Falling All Around

Don't forget to bring a spray bottle of water. If the kids sing well... Walk around and mist them. Make it rain in primary! This is great for Nursery too!!!

Birds in the Tree

Choose the Right Way

I'm Trying to be like Jesus


The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

I Will Follow God's Plan

I Have a Family Tree

I Feel My Saviors Love

I am a Child of God

When using this in nursery I put the children's real pictures around Heavenly Father

Hello Friends

Thursday, June 21, 2012

He Sent His Son

Had I been a Child

Go the Second Mile

Feliz Cumpleanos

To teach this song have the children match up the different language to the country. Pin it up on the board and then sing! I wrote the pronunciation under each word to help them and me too!!

Father, I will Reverent Be

Family Night

Family History

Do As I'm Doing

Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Dare to Do Right

Daddy's Homecoming

Children All Over The World

Before I Take the Sacrament