Thursday, September 6, 2012

Princess and Pirates Conducting!!

Everyone wants to be a princess or pirate...and everyone wants to conduct music RIGHT???? Now let the kids do both!! That's right.. Put your feet up for a few songs and let the pirates and princesses conduct!


Gauge just about anything with this thermometer!! Kids love watching it go up and down!

Five little Monkies Swinging in a Tree

The nursery kids just LOVE watching the crocodile "snap" those monkies right out of the tree!! I put a magnet behind the crocodiles mouth and paper clips on the back of the monkies!

Betty and Freddy Spaghetti

The kids love watching Betty and Freddy slurp up the spaghetti as they sing... Do girls only or boys or race one side against the other. Store yarn neatly on other side with hooks!